D’jello Shhh (Shh)
D’Jello Shhhh is PERFECT assisting with vaginal dryness . Everything to make a great time, MAGICAL!  Ingredients: Safflower, Aloe, Cnidium Fruit, and Flavesents   5 shots per pack  Due to Covid-19, packaging may vary based on the availability of our suppliers....
Candy Stick Tightening Wand
Our tightening stick can be used for 30 days, before needing to be disposed, if it is kept in a dry, cool, area. Simply cleanse your hands, rinse your wand, insert the wand into your vagina and rotate from left...
Our #SPLASH supplements are totally worth trying! You can never be TOO WET! DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING! DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule by mouth twice a day, consistently with a meal. It takes 2 to 4 days to...
Orangesicle Yoni Oil
SMELL AND TASTE LIKE SWEET ORANGES! Can be used to soothe or moisturize the labia, upper vaginal region or bikini line. After sex your vulva and clitoris can feel sore so this oil will assist in soothing and moisturizing! If...
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