D’jello Shot (Shh)
D’Jello Shhhh increases wetness, heightens orgasms, eliminates odor by killing odor-causing bacteria, and tightens vaginal walls.  Ingredients: Safflower, Aloe, Cnidium Fruit, and Flavesents   5 shots per pack  Due to Covid-19, packaging may vary based on the availability of our...
Yoni Treats (Boric Acid Suppositories w/applicator)
Yoni Treats= Your vagina’s new best friend! What is it? YONI TREATS (Boric Acid Suppositories) A simple but powerful two-ingredient solution for maintaining healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria, and a balanced vaginal pH Helps with vaginal odor, and for use...
Fresh Kitty Juice
If you want her to purr, you have got to take care of her! Keep away products with irritating fragrances and toxic chemicals. Introduce her to an all-natural Feminine Wash, available in strawberry, green apple, and peach. Not only will this product...
V.I.P. Bundle
Our VIP (Very Important Pu$$y) Bundle is designed to give provide you with all the products needed to maintain a Clean, Odor Free, Smooth & Groomed yoni. This Bundle includes our Pamper My Kitty Bundle.  This bundle includes: 1 Fresh Kitty (Feminine...
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